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“One hundred years on we can honour those from Australia and New Zealand whose stories are captured by Dearberg with the intent of providing the soldiers’ perspective. He offers insights into the course of the campaigns in the Sinai, Gaza, Palestine, and Transjordan during WWI and includes many unforgettable details that linger in one’s mind and memory.
Many times I was aware that I was literally re-living actions of a hundred years ago to the day in Amman where I live and Es Salt, just 45 minutes to the north. They were sobering moments.” ”


DR BARBARA A. PORTERDirector, American Center of Oriental Research, Amman, Jordan

“It was a pleasure to read a well-researched and interesting story on the experiences of the Anzacs in the Middle East during WWI. This is in contrast to the plethora of books that have been produced in the past 30 years on Gallipoli and the Western Front.
The author has covered the campaign very well and it always good to see the focus is on the individual soldiers as against the war in general.
This book is recommended reading to anybody who wants a good understanding of the trials and tribulations endured by soldiers over a period of three years from 1916 to 1918.” ”


JOHN MEYERSPresident, Military Historical Society of Australia

“A great read and need to re-read more than once to absorb the great detail. It’s a fantastic gutsy, concise, factual story of the Australian involvement in this unheralded part of WW1. The writings tell in a very acceptable way the detail, without pulling punches of this theatre.”


BARRY CHEALES OAFormer Olympian, Retired Business Owner, Vice-President Buderim Men’s Shed

“To be totally honest this is a subject I usually go out of my way to avoid, I hate war. All things considered though I did enjoy the read. I really enjoyed the spirit that you captured of the time, the lands and the people involved which I found engaging.”


MELISSA MORANTEPersonal Trainer, Newcastle

“I like it. Easy reading. And it’s an unknown part of our history that should be known, well done.”


MICHAEL STOKESHuman Resource Manager, Thiess Australia

“I found Neil Dearberg’s book most informative about a period in Australia's history that should never be forgotten. Neil has put in an incredible amount of research into this subject and he writes in a way that makes you feel you are actually there.”


FAY CHAMOUNDirector, Floral Art School of Australia and International Floral Design School

“I am gobsmacked ... your detailed research, the candour you easily relate to, the analogies and honest revelation of British inferior involvement, your knowledge of all involved and the sincerity of your revelations are pure genius...”


PETER JAMESRetired army officer, Royal Australian Engineers

“I am well and truly into the book and am finding it a very easy read and very enjoyable. These Anzacs were an amazing group of men. Thank you for writing this marvellous book. What you have done is to bring great honour to the brave souls who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom,
Thank you!”


BRETT NEWTONAccountant, Maroochydore

“Here we see a clearly well researched publication which unlike many other military history publications does not need a staff reference list delving down to platoon level to follow the who’s who of the story. We see a book easily read and skilfully written; reflecting an understanding of the needs of the intended audience. Desert ANZACS provides such detail as necessary to understand the chronology of events across the Sinai-Palestine campaign as well as the traits of the key commanders. It provides a graphically realistic representation of the harshness of conditions faced by both sides including the value of the main campaign commodity of water and how this drove many tactical, operational and strategic decisions by commanders at all levels.
The book holds wide appeal for the military enthusiast and, people wanting an easy to digest but informative story of what is genuinely an under told and at times under appreciated part of Australia’s rich military history. ”



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